My First 3-Weeks With Hexabot & My Holiday Gift Bundle For You

My First 3-Weeks With Hexabot & My Holiday Gift Bundle For You

Today, Monday, November 20, 2017 marks my third full week, “Swing Trade” pay day in Hexabot. And coincidentally, this week is Thanksgiving week which means there is so much to be thankful for! Let’s take at my portfolio performance this past three weeks…

Here is a snapshot of my report that shows how much I have deposited and my profits:

My Hexabot Investment Report 11/20/2017

My Results:

  • Mode: Swing Trading
  • This week’s payout: 22.71%
  • My deposits: $3,884.09.
  • Current total account value: $6,818.47
  • That’s a whopping +75.55% return on investment (+25%+ per week!)

It’s important to note that I have used 100% compounding for 99% of the time and that I did not deposit all the funds all at once from the start (various amounts were deposited over the 3-week period).  Also, I’d like to note that these numbers do not count any affiliate commissions.

To celebrate today’s pay day and Hexabot’s one-month old “birthday”, I have created an unofficial app and some really cool tools for everyone to enjoy. Keep in mind that I did not get paid by anyone to do this. I just hope this can help enhance everyone’s experience investing with Hexabot. So here’s your surprise, an early holiday gift bundle for everyone:

  • Access your free gift bundle here, including my Unofficial Hexabot Income Calculator and Investment Tracking App.
  • Be sure to watch the tutorial videos on the “Resources” page to get the app working properly.
  • If you want the app to work with the #1 crypto accounting software on the market (it even does your taxes), create an account on CoinTracking.
  • I would like to do more no-B.S. no-hype reviews on other HYIPs and compare it to Hexabot. Vote for a HYIP you want me to look at next here.

Thank you to Hexabot and its Unofficial Community for linking me up with many wonderful people. I wish all of you and your families a blessed holiday season.

Happy trading and investing!

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