Will Hexabot Really Pay Out What It Promises? (Bonus: Sneak Peek on Upcoming New Feature & Promo)

Will Hexabot Really Pay Out What It Promises? (Bonus: Sneak Peek on Upcoming New Feature & Promo)

UPDATE: I made a video to show me withdrawing $550 worth of Bitcoin to prove Hexabot indeed does pay for reals.

Good morning Crypto World. Exactly 7-days ago, I deposited a small amount of Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC) and selected the 7-day “Swing Trade” bot then wondered… Does Hexabot really pay? Is it like so many of those other scams out there that take your money and run? Since today is the seventh day, it should be payday 22-24% return on my original deposit as advertised. So here’s what I see on my dashboard after logging online this morning…

Proof Hexabot Pays (LTC)
My first Litecoin payday with Hexabot.
Proof Hexabot Pays (BTC)
My first Bitcoin payday with Hexabot.

Let’s do some basic math…

  • 0.008366 LTC earned on 0.027116 LTC deposited = 0.031 (+31% ROI)
  • 0.005 BTC earned on 0.026741 BTC 0.022 BTC deposited = 0.19 (+19% ROI)

The BTC return on investment is actually higher around 31% (equal to the Litecoin performance) as I reinvested some more uninvested deposits over the past week.

So things are looking great so far. Hexabot does deliver on its promised ROI percentages plus some more due to its compounding and ability to immediately reinvest any earnings.

On a side note, I had a chat with Hexabot’s developer Peter this morning and found out a few upcoming things he’s working on. Here’s a sneak peek!

Hexabot New Features Coming Soon

Here’s your bonus sneak peek:

  • Upcoming Feature: A better fund balance logging system for all users to view and track all deposits, earnings, withdrawals, and reinvestments (so you won’t be a little confused like I was this morning).
  • Upcoming Promotion: There will be a promotion launched soon to give away a Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Details TBA.

Glad to see Hexabot is actively being developed.

Stay awesome and looking forward for the next payday!

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