As a valued member of the Unofficial Hexabot Community, I’d like to personally offer you exclusive access to some really cool tools and resources to enhance your Hexabot experience:

  • Unofficial Hexabot Calculator and Investment Tracking App: Use a user-friendly app I built on Google Sheets to calculate your profits and visualize your investment portfolio as it shoots to the moon…

* Important: You have to login to your Google account to get a copy of the Google Sheets app. There will be a popup dialog where you have to press the Authorize button to give permission for my scripts to run.

* Note: The app is currently and beta and there may be bugs! Please report any issues you have by contacting the developer in the “Get Support” menu link of the app.

If you like, you can see a View-Only demo here:

Hexabot Calculator & Investment Tracker App Demo

(1) Before the app works, you need to authorize it. Follow this 2-minute tutorial:

(2) Now watch my 6-minute tutorial to learn how to properly track your Hexabot investment on the app:

  • Personalized Hexabot Affiliate Marketing Site: This site will look exactly like except all Hexabot affiliate links on your personal site will be redirected to your affiliate link instead of mine.
  • Easy to Remember Personal Affiliate Marketing Link: This link will redirect to your Hexabot affiliate link.
  • Access to our Unofficial Hexabot ADVANCED Users Telegram Community: If you are already be part of our New Users Telegram Community, now get upgraded to our Advanced Users community to discuss and learn the latest trends, tips, and tricks related to the world of Hexabot and crypto…
  • Access to our Unofficial Hexabot New Users Telegram Support Group: Join here if you are not in it already…

  • Access to our Unofficial Hexabot Community FAQ Telegram Channel: Join here if you are not in it already to get the latest Hexabot tips and alerts…

Once again, thank you for being a supporter of Hexabot and our Unofficial Community.

To your wealth and prosperity,

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